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New beginning.

So I have been doing a ton of research for Lent, and now I am ready to really write it. I decided it needed a new beginning to make it more like a fantasy alternate history novel — it’s still not much like a fantasy novel, but at least this way it will be apparent what I am doing.

I am now writing it in third present superclose, like Wolf Hall. I may change my mind about the present, but right now I like it. This is half a chapter, maybe more than half.

This is the first paragraph:

“There is a demon leering in the corner of his cell. It’s a small one, no more than a misshapen head with a pair of hands attached below the neck. Brother Girolamo scowls at it. It sticks out its tongue, which is forked, and longer than the rest of it. He throws a shoe at it, and it scuttles away crablike on its bent fingers. He walks over and retrieves the shoe, turning it over in his hands, smoothing the creases in the worn leather. The sole is starting to come loose again, but he will never again take it to the cobbler, nor wear out any more shoe leather.

There is a powerful comfort in knowing that nothing else you do in this world can matter.”

Huh, until I implement comments you can’t tell me if you like it. Oh well, if you really really like it I guess you can go to the trouble of emailing me.

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