1st December 2014: Half a century

I am fifty, except that, like Neil Gaiman, I still feel twelve.

AM is here, Marissa Lingen and family are in town, we have plans with Z tonight and a party next weekend.

Fifty is an odd age, awfully old, but yet still relatively young. And I have done so much and seen so much and been so lucky, and yet done so little and have to much left to do and see and look forward to.


My Real Children Tor, May. Corsair, August.


Sleeper Tor.com August


Hades and Persephone Tor.com April

On the Impending Death of Iain Banks Moral Relativism Magazine

Non Fiction

What Makes This Book So Great, January, Tor.

Reprints and Translations

“Sleeper” in French, in Utopiales 14 anthology.

“Turnover” at Lightspeed

My Real Children in Italian

Among Others in Japanese, French, Croatian, Chinese, Lithuanian

Sold But Not Yet Published

An Informal History of the Hugos Essay collection.

Pending from Previous Years

The Just City coming out in January
The Philosopher Kings coming out in July

The Small Change books in French and Polish
Among Others in Korean

In progress


Poor Relations


Kurd Lasswitz Preis

Award Nominations

Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice for MRC

New Places Visited

North America: San Diego, Las Vegas, Santa Fe
Europe: Venice, Bologna, Nantes

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