My short story collection, Starlings, is out now, in trade paperback and e-book, from Tachyon Press. It contains every short story I’ve ever written, the play Three Shouts On a Hill, and a bunch of poems, including Three Bears Norse and the Godzilla sonnets.

Ken MacLeod said “Jo Walton’s short writings have for decades been among the things that make the Internet worthwhile. She makes science fiction illuminate life. This collection lives up to its title: iridescent, dark, gregarious, talkative and ever ready to fly up.”

Sherwood Smith said “One of the things I love about Walton’s work is her range of human possibility, from laughter to horror, but above all a reveling in profligate beauty. This collection celebrates the best in the human spirit.”

Cory Doctorow said “Stephen King once wrote that ‘a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger’―that is, sudden, pleasant, mysterious, dangerous and exciting―and the collected short fiction of Jo Walton is exemplary of the principle.”

Incidentally, that’s seems to me like a very male way of thinking about a kiss in the dark from a stranger. I don’t think “pleasant” or “exciting” would be how I’d describe that, and “terrifying” would be. Reading that quote, I was reminded that King is a horror writer.

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