Scintillation: New goals, maybe better goals, and plenty

Very very exciting. Scintillation has reached it’s $15,000 stretch goal, and will be happening in 2018, 2019 and 2020. With 40 hours left on the Kickstarter, I have added some more stretch goals. Now people who support us at the $15 level, if we get all these funded will be getting 3 ebooks and a bunch of recorded Norse poetry.

Here are the new goals:

At $16,000, we will have a new e-book for 2020, for everyone at Supporter level and above! It will be edited by Alter S. Reiss and called “False Starts”. It will contain the beginnings of novels that were started and for some reason couldn’t be completed, by me, Alter, and other writers, along with some commentary about them. Then there will be a panel about this from the contributors at the 2020 Scintillation. This will include Those Who Favor Fire the unfinished sequel to Tooth and Claw and the fragments of Beside Ourselves the unfinished sequel to Among Others as well as work by other people. This will be sent out in advance of the 2020 Scintillation.

At $17,000, I will share with all backers the recordings of me reading my Norse poetry from Sassafrass’s Secret Album — previously available only to backers of Sassafrass’s Kickstarter.

At $18,000 we will have more great stuff for Scintillation in 2020, a readings track and a con suite and everything that at that point seems like a good idea.

At $19,000 I will make a new recording of me reading Mountain Doors my Loki poem, and Not in This Town, my Bacchae poem and share them with all backers.

And at $20,000, my new “we could never possibly reach that, but I said that before” goal we will have a new ebook for the 2019 Scintillation, called Better Dreams, for which we will pay the contributors professional rates. It will contain new work by wonderful Scintillation guests, and be edited by Alter Reiss. We’ll produce it before the 2019 convention, and send it to everyone who backed at Supporter or above.

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