I’m home

This has been a truly epic trip. I’m home to Emmet and my rice cooker and my Damascus steel kitchen knife and my bathrobe and drawers full of clothes I’d forgotten I owned, as I’ve been wearing the same nine shirts for the last three months. My packing light and only taking the little pack really worked. I’d do that again. I’d do the whole thing again, really.

Highlights of the trip — Ada winning the Campbell, writing in Florence (I got about 40,000 words written in about a month, clearly I didn’t make Thud posts), seeing twelve plays in the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Viking restaurant in Stockholm.

I wrote a bunch of poems which I didn’t individually post here, sorry, but which you can see on Patreon, and incidentally Patreon pretty much paid for this trip and especially all the theatre. Patreon is great and life enhancing.

My plan now I am home is to settle down and finish Lent, and then we’ll see.

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