1st December 2006: Forty-two today!

Hooray, hooray, I’m forty-two today. Anyone I told I was forty-two already — I was confused, OK?

When I was a child I’d never have believed I could be confused about how old I was. It’s such a central fact in childhood, and then eventually it becomes just another a piece of trivia, and one that keeps changing.

My publications when I was 41 have been:


Farthing, Tor, August.

Short Stories

“What Would Sam Spade Do?” Baen’s Universe, issue 1.

“What a Piece of Work” in Subterranean 4, the SF Cliches issue.

(all of it in the category of “You saw it here first”)

“A Candlemass Poem” in Lone Star Stories, February.

“Blood Poem IV” in Goblin Fruit Summer Issue.

“Keeping an Eye Out” in Lone Star Stories, August.

“Post-colonial Literature of the Elves” in Mythic 2, October.

“Ares and Athena” in Poetry From the Trenches, November.

“Eucatastrophe Poem” in Lone Star Stories, December.


Tooth and Claw in Czech and Japanese.

The King’s Peace in Dutch.

Also finished and sold this year but not yet published

Ha’Penny, coming from Tor Fall 2007.

and “Cendrillon”, coming from Asimov’s sometime.

and “Twilight Stories”, from what I think is still A Secret Project.

and I guess I should count the “Best of Baen’s Universe 2006” republication of “What Would Sam Spade Do?” here as well.

All-through but still in a state of being worked on

Lyflode (if I could bear to look at it)

/Coin in Nine Hands Story/ (which I should stop wishing to get perfect and send out)

In Progress

Half a Crown

Our Sea

Z, after saying suspiciously that it doesn’t read like a short story, tells me firmly I am to leave the Epic Bombadil thing to moulder on the hard-drive until I have finished something someone wants finished.

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