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22nd May 2011: Layers

A little while ago I wrote a post on about Thomas Disch’s On Wings of Song (1979). And I was thinking wow, 1979, but it doesn’t feel like a dated future, I wonder why that is? And I think

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26th March 2011: Things I know

I always know huge amounts more than end up on the page. I need to know it, and often I don’t have to think about knowing it, I just know it, it’s inherent in the world and it doesn’t end

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9th February 2011: Light

When I got off the bus, sunlight was coming through a gap in the clouds to the west and shining directly up onto a huge bank of clouds to the east. They were great big folded snowclouds, and they were

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22nd November 2010: An old old poem

I cleared my table before my aunt came, so there’s space around the laptop and as I was looking at the new black (not yet named) laptop on the wood I remembered a poem I wrote when I was seventeen.

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31st October 2010 Protagonismos

It’s a while since I’ve felt the need to make up a word to talk about writing. I used to do it all the time. I used to think there were words for these concepts but I didn’t know what

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16th March 2010 Useful things I learned about writing from roleplaying

Lisanne Norman said on a panel at Convocation in 1997 that writers should watch people playing tabletop fantasy roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons to learn how to write fantasy. Steve Brust and I both immediately disagreed with her so

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1st December 2009: 45 Today

I’m awake ridiculously early because I’m excited because it’s my birthday. I thought I was supposed to grow out of that, and I suppose I may, but not yet. AM is here, and we’re going to meet Z for breakfast

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2nd May 2008: Fast and dirty fantasy names

I’m expanding this from a comment in Naomi Kritzer’s journal. I thought I’d put it over here so I could save a link to it so I wouldn’t have to write it all out again next time I wanted it, because

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4th January 2008: Ratcheting and POV

There’s a thing that mechanical gears do, where each one has a little set of teeth, and each little tooth has to grip on one on the other gear to move the thing forward, and when they’re going they mesh,

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15th May 2007: Jeopardy, pacing of revelation & how you treat characters

I was having a conversation with Zorinth on the way home on the train largely about a (really nifty) story idea of his, and one of the things we were talking about was the things novels need in order to

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