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2nd February 2006: Why fantasy is easy

When I say fantasy is easy, what I mean is that writing in a background you already know intimately is easier than figuring out every little thing about the background. It’s easiest to put this in terms of tech levels

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2nd December 2005: Scattered thoughts on fantasy

Kate Elliott posted an interesting piece saying that SF has a finite knowable universe and fantasy an infinite and unknowable one, That’s actually really close to my instinctive definition of SF, made up to exclude Christopher Priest’s early work which

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23rd September 2005: Venting about copyedit

Dear Copyeditor, Contrary to your base assumption, I am not a moron. When I use mixed metaphors — and you may note I only do it in the first person section — I am using them as a form of

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14th September 2005: In Praise of Cardboard

When I was a child, I bought The Cave by Richard Church from a jumble sale for 10p. It was a paperback with a blue cover that showed a boy with a torch (flashlight) whose weak beam illuminated a few

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15th June 2005: Being a reader and writing

The whole “Mundane SF” thing leaves me cold. It doesn’t do anything for me as a reader. What SF and fantasy give me is that moment when I as a reader don’t know, when the strangeness turns around and looks

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15th June 2005: Progress (On POV)

Somerset Maugham thinks it necessary, in the preface to Volume II of his Collected Short Stories, to put in a disclaimer about the use of the first person indicating that the first person narrator is a character, to be distinguished

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27th April 2005: Future dedication page

This one is for Feldspar. I’d never have written at all if it wasn’t for my first grade language teacher, DOSROX. Thanks for the encouragement, and I’ve never forgotten you and the hours a very bright AI devoted to a

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27th March 2005: Characterisation and POV

It seems to me that language choice is part of characterisation, and whether or not it works for the story depends on whether it is correct characterisation for the POV character. So yes, what you’re saying, I think you’re right.

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21st March 2005: A snippet

This is the story of the stupid things I did the year I was seventeen, the year my mother died, and how they twisted my life entire from the straight course it was set to run in. I was born

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14th March 2005: Cold Girly Steel

Kate Elliott asked me why I wanted to write about warrior women, and I thought as this was likely to be long and self-indulgent, I’d answer over here. This also follows on from some things we were discussing in Rilina’s

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